What's Happening in New Outlook with Offline, Outbox, Sync, and IMAP?


I am sharing my insights about New Outlook features.


Offline Functionality Update
Get ready for enhanced offline productivity! In the Phase 1 rollout, scheduled for May, you'll access core functions like email viewing and composing, calendar, and contacts, even without Wi-Fi. Phase 2 will introduce Offline Searching. Some add-in features will remain available only online. Watch the video for more details. Also, the date is subject to change. The original rollout was in January.

Outbox Functionality
In April/May, the Outbox gets a makeover. Unlike Classic, where scheduled outgoing messages reside in the Outbox, they will remain in the Drafts folder in New Outlook. Instead, the Outbox “may” become the holding place for Offline mode messages. Microsoft "may" change direction before this feature is completely released. Watch the video for the full explanation.

Sync Button Functionality
You can use the Sync button to manually synchronize your mailbox and ensure your messages match the server. No more drafts stuck in limbo! However, Microsoft plans to enhance the syncing experience. Stay tuned for updates!

IMAP Performance Improvements
Microsoft has intentionally withheld some features in New Outlook for third-party accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, and other IMAP accounts. However, Microsoft solicits your feedback while investigating potential roadblocks for certain features. In the video, I explained Microsoft's reasons for this decision and directed users to a list of available features in New Outlook and Outlook.com for non-Microsoft accounts.

Delayed IMAP Issues Reported
Some users have reported delays with IMAP email delivery. Microsoft is on it! Watch the video for details.

Full YouTube Video @traccreations4e:  


Are you unsure what's happening with the New Outlook features, like offline mode, outbox, syncing, and IMAP? No worries. This New Outlook update addresses Microsoft 365 users' questions to help you better understand the rollout dates, potential functionality changes, and improvements in New ...
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