Microsoft Outlook Junk Mail Issues

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I have been an Outlook user for years both professionally and now personally and I am running across issues with my inbox being loaded with OBVIOUS junk email.   I click on each one and click on "Report as" then Junk.  My questions are:

1. When I report as junk do I lo longer receive these emails from the sender again?

2. When I report an email as Junk does Microsoft use that reporting to block those emails globally?

3. I mentioned that the emails are OBVIOUS junk, meaning any entity in the IT industry, such as Microsoft, should preempt them from hitting my mail box because thee email addresses are blatantly phony and go through many iterations creating an endless amount of Junk.  Why is Microsoft not more proactive blocking these emails?

4. Many of the emails I mention use corporate logos from Costco, Lowes, CVS, Home Depot, and numerous ELON products; every one of these and many more have all different emails.  Today I had 76 emails and I identified 19 as good, Not just person to person but entities we have subscribed to.  I get almost NO SPAM with my gmail which I use the most. Does Microsoft see this Junk as a revenue stream and therefore won't put any effort into blocking them before they get to me?

5. I am sure that there are a ton of emails but if AI is a good as everyone is claiming can the use of AI help block these emails before they even get to the user?

6. When I report as Junk are those emails blocked from my computer forever?  I would hope yes, but again my main hope is hat more and more of these get blocked at the source.


I am just frustrated with the repetitive nature of the same scammy emails that should have been stopped by the experts in the industry.  I would appreciate a response from Microsoft. Thanks, Sart912

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