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I'm new to this discussion group but not to MS Office products.

I have reinstalled Outlook on my laptop and now the toolbar to switch between mail and calendar has moved to the far left side of the app/screen.

I'm embarassed that I don't even know the proper terminology anymore.

It used to be at the bottom of the Favorites pane.  I just want to move it back.


Please help





Dave French

An OLD MS Office User Specialist "MOUS"

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That is the new location of the Navigation Bar and there is no option to turn it to the bottom of the Navigation Pane anymore.


Don't worry about not knowing the official name for it; There is none (yet). You were actually quite close to what it is referred to in the official documentation ;)


For more info about this new Navigation Bar see; Navigation Pane is on the left instead of bottom of the Folder List





Hi @dfrench119 ,


when you open Microsoft Outlook, if by any chance you have Try it now enabled, try disabling. 





Well ain't YOU SUMTHIN!!!!
That worked!!!!!


Thank you so much!

Dave French

Hi @dfrench119 ,


Thank you. I'm glad it worked.