OWA Floating Toolbar????

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During a remote help session, I ran across an interesting OWA toolbar today - please look at the attached screenshot.


The toolbar appears as a floating toolbar with the "Home" and "View" options above it. I have never seen Home and View as options over the OWA toolbar. I clicked on the ellipse and then on customize. I was given the ability to group items together. This is in Outlook on the web - Office 365 education. The User had OWA open in Chrome browser.


I cannot replicate this version of the toolbar in my OWA.


Any ideas of how this was produced. My User has no idea.


Any help is appreciated.


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I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this. I also cannot replicate it on my OWA session. Also cannot find anything online (except this post) about it. OWA is still functioning normally but users do not like things changing with no rhyme or reason behind it.


Any help is appreciated!



Well - the issue is solved. Microsoft pushed out an update. I got the 'Floating toolbar' today. Soon we will all be using it in OWA. You can customize the options (ellipse >> customize) - but the new bar stays.


You can change the ribbon to Classic view


from Simplified view


by clicking the dropdown arrow to the far right of the 'ribbon'

I must say I like the new toolbars in dark mode rather than light mode.

Thanks! Odd that different people within my same organization (same browser) are seeing the toolbar displayed differently. I figured it was probably Microsoft making changes but it's nice to know that is actually the case.

Hi @CheWeigand @P_Dub_205 

and to all on this post.


Microsoft rolls out updates on the second Tuesday of each month. I also noticed the new toolbar and the ability to customize the top navigation. I like this enhancement.


You can check out my video, for there are several limitations with

- custom groups

- classic layout view

- reset