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I am trying to determine how to do something I'm not even sure is possible.  I took a couple of screenshots below to show my issues.  I should probably break this into 2 separate emails since they are really two separate problems.



I utilize two different email addresses at work.  These are my default email that comes from my name, and a central AR mailbox.  I send emails from the AR mailbox

FROM:  AR Inbox

TO: outside recipients

CC: inside recipients

Subject Line:  Invoice <#####>

Body of email: <attachment>, a basic please find attached your invoice, and the signature line of the generic AR.

NOTE:  I cannot have anyone see that the email is coming from me, so it is important that I don't "FORGET" to change the "FROM" line.


What I have attempted:

  1. Created a template.  This works PERFECTLY, with one big exception.  When I open the template, it defaults to my personal email address, not the central AR box.  Is this even possible to do?
  2. Quick Step.  This does not work because I cannot change the FROM and I cannot add the signature to the email due to the image that's included in our signature.





Thank you for any help you can give.



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Hi @Dawn1231,


try to use this add-in: RightFrom