Cannot Receive E-Transfer Emails

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To keep it short, no E-transfer emails. I cannot accept transfers because I don't get the email. I used to be signed up for Auto Deposit which was a loophole, but I had to disable it for a reason that doesn't matter, and now I'm not getting the email to re-register for Auto deposit! I know I am trying to use the correct email because, oddly enough, I get an email saying the transfer has been cancelled.


-the email address that sends them is on my safe senders list, and not on my blocked list

-My Junk folder is monitored as thoroughly as my inbox. It's not going to Junk

-Many conversations with my bank and they don't see a problem on their end

-Added a gmail account to test, and I got the email to register for Auto Deposit immediately, which leads me to think this is a problem with Outlook, not my bank


UPDATE I finally got it to send me the Auto deposit email. For whatever reason when I went to register it was automatically putting in my email in all caps. I typed it out in lower case, and got the email. I don't know if this was just coincidence.

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