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see comment. if the mod hide this again, then you should write me why

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1: a way to import/export rules like gmail. wish you could add such option no only to import/export rules between outlook accounts, but even that i can import my gmail rules to outlook

2: a way to batch spam account at once, so a way to batch copy list from one account to the other.


for example i copy






to outlook without need to have original email


3) avoid to disable rules, even if i never told you that

4) you should disable rules, if you see that an email used in a rule is disabled by google or other. so instead of getting 10000x 

mx.google.com rejected your message to the following email addresses:

you will simply disable such rules after 10-50 try, by sending an email to another account

5) until now i was not able to configure forward account on all my accounts, since the page doesn't work at all. (at the moment is made via rules, but like i told you, you disable the rules, so is not a perfect solution).

6) disable the spam folder/or other folders at all, i want to see all message in just 1 inbox, not to switch between folders. i create rules to delete spam..

7) disable the option "stop other rules* at all, is so annoying that i need to uncheck it every time.

@edgesuggestions Its not technically possible, as there no standard for "email inbox rules" that would make them interoperable. Gmail has its own format, Outlook has its format, protonmail has its own format and so on.