Deleting Primary Outlook Email

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I'm at a loss with how unintuitive this is after searching on my own all day yesterday and finding uncountable conflicting answers, so I decided to come to the experts.


I am a BSA and have a "dummy" email address I set up to test some mail features back when we were using Google Workspace. We've now migrated to Outlook and I need to find a way to make my *real* email address primary. I can set it to "primary" in Outlook but that only seems to have anything to do with sending and replying. When I add calendar invites, it still goes to my dummy email's calendar.


I can't simply delete the address because it's primary and Outlook hates that idea. I followed its suggestion of creating a new data file and copying the dummy data into it so I could delete the address, but it has been 3 hours, and it says it's still migrating data. There's almost nothing in that email because it's never been used, so I don't know what it could possibly still be copying. I even went into my dummy email address' data file and deleted everything I could to make it "lighter".


I know complaining about how ridiculous Outlook is in 2024 is an exercise in futility but if you'll allow me to rant for just a couple sentences to get it off my chest, this whole situation only exists because for some Satanic reason, Outlook (New) and the Mail app don't accept .ics files.


Any help would be appreciated. If I could just completely wipe my Outlook information and start from scratch, that would be ideal.

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