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As of around 3am UK time last night my email, a hotmail.co.uk account has gone from putting **bleep** near everything in my junk folder - which was perfect. To letting absolutely everything through to my inbox and its driving me insane. I have changed no settings. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Same here! Very frustrating….
Same for me - had 12 or so emails come straight to my inbox which are all clearly spam. No spam emails have gone directly to my junk folder.
Hope this gets sorted out soon as it is very annoying!


Same ALL my spam is going to inbox. What the Hell is Microsoft doing. Unacceptable.

I clicked to download all my email , takes up to 4 days. I am going to get rid of Microsoft email accounts.

NEVER seen this with Gmail.

I am also seeing this issue. Something certainly seems to have broken with respect to Microsoft filters. It also occurrs in browser and on other platforms, other than outlook, so this isn't outlook specific.


I feel their servers have been compromised. Not acceptable. I just forwarded a lot of my archived emails to a Gmail account while I am waiting for my complete email DL from Microgarbage. 

I will be deleting Microsoft email account.

I just created a Proton mail account and am DL my emails from Hotmail , as well as contacts.
Microgarbage blew it.


Replying to keep an eye on this to see if there's fix

@Andymachado8823 mine seems to be working well again. Hopefully others are seeing the same. 

Here it was still not fixed last week so I emulated a spam filter by creating three simple rules. As described on the bottom of this page https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/all/how-do-i-stop-thousands-of-spam-emails-fro...

Be advised to check the junk mail folder twice a week and create exceptions where needed.