Can't block, nor create rules for spam, no email address visible

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So, I know I'm not the only one in recent months whos received a barrage of spam in our hotmail accounts. There's reddit forums littered with this stuff.  and it seems to occur in waves. The fix I've found for this is to avoid hotmails spam filter ( because there doesn't seem to be one ).  And just connect your hotmail to Gmailify. there's tutorials online on how to deal with this.  This filtered out about 95% of the spam.  However, there is 1 culprit that I am unable to deal with. And that is Emails with NO email address. When I log into to check my email, every few days Im given some spammy email with a senders address Unclickable, unviewable, basically invisible to outlook, all you see is something along the lines of (50Gb cloud storage) as the senders contact. Usually you can select the email and create a Rule. But not in this case, because outlook can't see an email address. the option is greyd out. When I open this exact email on my phone through Gmail, I can actually VIEW the email which in this case is the following including the senders name, and yes, there's a bullet Unicode character in there ( 50Gb cloud storage • email address removed for privacy reasons )  I've tried to manually type this address into a Hotmail rule, but to no avail, I still receive this emails. I even tried creating a rule to block common words in their message body, and still nothing.  Does anyone have a work around this ?

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If you're still receiving these emails in your Hotmail account, consider reporting them as spam or phishing in the Outlook web interface. This helps improve the spam filter for everyone.

Keep your email client and security software up to date, as updates may include improvements to spam filters.


I know this thread is a bit old, but if you are still having this issue, you can try the method discussed here;
Blocking spam emails with hidden or missing From address -

A quick fix that i found (doesnt clear up everything) was to wipe my who safe senders list. I was having hundreds of spam emails a day coming through, I wiped my safe senders list a week ago and its down to a couple per day.

Hope this helps.