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I've been receiving spam at an alarming rate. Currently, it's up to an average of two spam e-mails every three minutes. My personal e-mail box has become nearly unusable. The e-mails are always sent from a random one-time use account. They always include a .pdf attachment and a few random words/names peppered throughout subject and body. The only solution I've found is to create a filter that junks anything from with an attachment.


No ability to identify file type of attachments to target... just a broad stroke of having to block any sender from the same service that I pay to use....


Anyone else with any ideas or methods? Clearly, Microsoft is unable to keep up with g-mail on the spam filter front.

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I'm getting the same thing happening that started just today. This is to my personal account. Every email - one every minute or two has a PDF with porn attached.

Hi @JReady@johnhanks,

there is global problem with massive spam.

Take a look at this article:
Massive Spam Welle von an Konten? | Borns IT- und Windows-Blog (

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