Outlook not downloading correctly?

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Hello all, please forgive my stupidities as I am new here. Here's my problem. I noticed 2 identical outlook icons on my phone. In One of the icons took me to sign in. The other one took me to what I think is a wizard walking me through the process of adding an account. It appears to be stuck on 3rd of 4 steps and is jittery. I can scroll to either of 1st 2 pages but it instantly goes back to 3rd page. 


In settings, the icon that took me to sign in had a normal looking version #, ie #.###.###. The other one had a version # 1. So I uninstalled that one. Oops, all my old hotmails are gone. I then had the outlook icon that takes me to the jittering wizzard and the typical red "mail" icon, which takes me to hotmail but messages keep dissappearing. I'm sure many have seen this as I see endless questions 'why do me hotmails keep dissappearing?'. So I tried going to remaining outlook icon in settings and clearing cache and data. No joy. I then uninstalled that account and downloaded outlook from play store. I now have outlook icon that takes me to the jittery wizzard. I've read that when you uninstall an outlook account, accidently or on purpose you have 30 days to recreate it and save emails in it, after that all data will be permanently deleted. My phone is galaxy s10. When I search this online I get tons of hits, none of which I can follow because they invariably tell me to press a button that does not appear on my phone. 


Can someone please tell me the proceedure to retrieve my outlook account that works for my galaxy s10?



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