Search not working in Outlook 2019 since updating to Monterey 12.1 on the Mac

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There appears from other sites to be a very widespread problem with search not working in Outlook - no results obtained in Monterey- since the latest OS update. Rebuilding spotlight does not work and many people cannot change to the new version of outlook as they are served by older versions of Exchange Server.

It looks like a bug, but any ideas gratefully received.

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@SCSW_2021 The same issue here and in all of our customers that have Exchange OnPrem with Outlook for Mac and Mac OS Monterey 12.1 update.


This is very bad! 


I have the same problem. A complete pain. It is also not possible to wind back from 12.1 to 12.01 on an M1 chip.

Same issue here. Spent hours with support and nothing.
Please correct this ASAP.
I have same issue after upgrade to Monterey 12.1, before with 12.0.1 no problem



The same issue on my side, this is a very shameful bug if MS

@SCSW_2021 Just a sample of the noise this Bug is doing in some Apple users Forums talking about this Mac OS 12.1+Outlook for Mac serious Bug...


I can't use Outlook without a proper Search...


I know. The thing that boils my beans is the complete lack of information from either Apple or Microsoft. Just an acknowledgment that someone cared a little and was working on the problem would be good. Community forums like this allow people to vent if that's what they need, but they seem completely separated from any kind of useful technical support!

Same isseu here. I once switched back from the new to the old version and now search doesn't work anymore. Removing and adding accounts didn't help. When I go back to the new version it works again but then I miss other functionality.
Same issue here. Help me ASAP !



because of this problem I am actually going to return my brand new MacBook Pro 16" and revert to my old 2018 MacBook Pro which still has the 12.01 on it! Bit extreme, but seems my only option. Like most of you, I cant work without a search.


For what it is worth, spotlight outside outlook does find emails, but it is a very cumbersome way of working.

I have the sma issue. I tried all options and solutions of rebuilding, reinstallung etc.
It is for sure a Microsoft problem, spotlight works without restrictions, it also finds all mails.

At the moment outlook for OSX is not usable for professionals!
A real problem!


@SCSW_2021 Same problem with me too. Outlook 2019 search on macOS Monterey no longer works. Spotlight search, on the other hand, still indexes all content.

I am having the same issue with IMAP to Gmail. 


Which means for now, the Gmail search is better than MS Outlook.  :facepalm:

BTW, search & search folders did seem to work in the 'New Outlook' format, which still does not work for me. #TryHarderMS

@SCSW_2021 Same issue.... and as far I can see they are not working on this yet

Same here! The typical procedures like rebuilding index or rebuilding caches are not bringing any results. Search works in "New Outlook" design but brings too much other issues.
At the moment, my only workaround is to have open in parallel and do all my searches there.
It is really a mess!

@SCSW_2021 Same here, but in my case on Monterey 12.0.1 with Outlook 16.56 (21121100). 


<rant>Why can't Microsoft simply build a decent search mechanism directly into Outlook? The benefit of using Spotlight for this is ZERO and every time *something* significant changes in my system I have to repair Outlook/Spotlight search, on average about three times per year. And this time it seems to be broken beyond repair, AGAIN.</rant> 

I've had enough, and I started to use another email client. The Outlook team doesn't even pay attention to our issues. I took a closer look at Mail from Apple. There I found all the functions that I need. Goodbye Outlook!