outlook.live.com not working

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I have used multiple browsers / restarted / deleted cache & cookies and my mailbox still fails to open.



This site can’t be reached

outlook.live.com’s server IP address could not be found.

On Safari it just won't even load up.
I'm using a macbook. 
Any insight would be great.
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Have you already tried restarting your modem and router?

Can you access it when using another Internet connection? For instance, from a mobile hotspot, public WiFi, neighbor, etc...?

@Robert Sparnaaij Hello.

Yes, I have tried all of these different steps.

Outlook just doesn't open from my MacBook. A few friends I have spoken to have the same issue.

Sometimes it will load, other times it will not. Most times it doesn't.

I am looking in to setting up a gmail account as it is extremely frustrating & unmanageable.


Mine quit working yesterday, 6/20/21 on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Live dot com does however work on the Tor browser.

*Update*:  Need to turn on Outlook program from work also, then my external account works in browsers.  Did not have to do this before.  So they changed something to crosslink them added verification that was not there before.

Mine stopped working after a reboot and some updates got applied.  Was working fine just before the reboot.  All the browsers either have errors or just comes up blank. It tried to have me jump through all the authentication hoop several times.  I can get in the microsoft account but fails when I open the Outlook icon. 


I had to reboot as the VPN software can't see my smartcard reader.  Got to love these Windows machine.

the iphone still have access to the mail account.  Guess I should not reboot that one.

@natzmorris  I found a fix      go to microsoft store app on windows  and i update mail and calendar    and now my mail live load no problem  App