Problems with my login to E-Mail-Account

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I have two Mail-accounts in works without any problems, the second one does not work!
I get allways the following Error-Massage:

UTC Date: 2022-12-21T11:39:51.913Z
Client Id: 3835893BEEDD46C1A13C6581513DCF4C
Session Id: 30ff3c03-f8c3-4c8a-bb6c-84480a154a4c
Client Version: 20221209009.09
BootResult: fail
Back Filled Errors: None
err: System.FormatException
esrc: StartupData
et: ServerError
estack: Error: 500
at S (
st: 500
ehk: X-OWA-Error
efe: VE1PR08CA0031, ZRAP278CA0015
ebe: VI1PR07MB4975
ewsver: 15.20.5924.16
emsg: ErrorUnexpectedFailure

What can I it a problem from MSM???

Please help me!!!





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