Outlook just stopped Syncing most RSS feeds

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I have found that the outlook on my system has stopped updating the RSS Feeds from the Microsoft forums 
OK -  Just to confuse the situation, it is still doing a couple of the feeds.


The only change to the setup - Basic win-10-Home, and Family 365 

since it was working as wanted
updates installed by Microsoft, 
and I went into "Accounts" "Accounts" and moved the top id entry down, so that instead of the Virginmedia.co.uk account, my gmail.com account was the default !


OK, I did setup the Outlook under an @virginmedia account,  and was logged in using that when I added the RSS feeds, but should that matter with feeds from microsoft forums such as 

"Outlook Blog articles"


And while entering this I also note that most of the feeds entries are not showing a folder, 
So I have changed the one to use a new folder in the .pst file, 
well, maybe that will gat a new post 


So - is this a known problem ?

Does anyone know of an easy solution ?



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