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Last May I set up 2 outlook.com email accounts. I shared the calendar from one to the other with read/write permisions.

This worked fine in both outlook.com and in the Outlook Destop App. No problems at all until about 2 weeks ago. Now in Outlook.com it still works fine as it always has. In the Outlook Desktop app it is read only.


I have removed the share and re-added it. Accepted the share request. Still cannot edit the calendar. The Outlook version is


Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2301 Build 16.0.16026.20002) 64-bit


This is not just me as I have had a few people contact me with the same problem. We are not part of a company or a Domain just normal Microsft free Outlook Exchange accounts.


Has anyone else had this? Has Microsoft changed something?



Ken :)

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I presume this has been fixed by Microsoft because it is all now working fine as it did before..