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Hi all,


Have an issue with a clients Outlook webmail mail interface. Attached is a screenshot, she is missing buttons like discard, attachments and other things. All layout settings are default. Have cross referenced this with my own webmail and the exact same settings. It seems to be user based. Any help please ?


Thanksoutlook email error.PNGAnnotation 2023-02-10 103252.png

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On both of your screenshots, the cursor is in the To: field; historicaly, NOTHING in the Ribbon is active when your cursor is in the To:, CC:, or BCC: fields.  I believe you'll find that all the Ribbon stuff that is inactive will suddenly come to life when you click the email body to place the cursor there. Give it a try.

Unfortunately that did not work. No matter what box I'm in or selected nothing changes. Have checked all settings too. Discard/attachement button missing.

Any other ideas ?