Outlook 2019 Unable to view appointments detail windows

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I've posted this in a couple other forums and it just sits there. It's becoming a big problem.

Windows 10 Pro, Office 2019 Pro.

In Outlook, I cannot SEE appointments. I can go INTO calendar. I can see the appointments in the calendar. But if I attempt to OPEN an occurrence or series the appointment DOES NOT DISPLAY.

It's THERE. I can hover the mouse over the Outlook 2019 icon in the taskbar and SEE the thumbnail for the main Outlook screen and next to it the thumbnail FOR THE APPOINTMENT. But I CANNOT open the appointment to view it.

If I hover the mouse over the appointment thumbnail the whole desktop turns grey and looks like it has an outline of what the appointment should be but IT DOESN'T OPEN.

The SAME thing happens if I attempt to create a NEW appointment. I can see the calendar, I can tell it to create an appointment but the appointment window WILL NOT DISPLAY.

I've done the quick repair.

I've done the LONG repair. That one appears to have reinstalled OFFICE.

I JUST blew away ALL of Office 2019 and deleted every reference to "office" I could find.

I've done everything ELSE I can think of.

Nothing has made any difference.

As I said earlier, this has become a HUGE pain in the $%^& and I need a FIX.

If there's a forum where I'm MORE likely to get a SOLUTION, let me know and I'll ask there.



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Anybody out there?

Outlook is still unusable except in safe mode...


If nobody here has a clue, can someone at least point me at:

A phone number for Microsoft that DOESN'T dump me to some worthless help file and hang up?

An EMAIL address that actually GETS to someone in tech support?

A pointer to a forum where there may be someone who can HELP get this fixed?

@GracieAllen I just saw your post.  Did you ever figure this problem out?  The same thing is happening to me.