Add shared mailbox contacts to the new outlook for windows

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In my organization, we use a shared mailbox to share a public address book. Is there a way to add it to the new Outlook for Windows?

I can see the shared mailbox correctly under ‘Mail -> Shared with Me’, but there’s nothing about shared mailboxes in the ‘People’ tab.

I have also tried to manually add the shared mailbox as a standalone account, but it just loads indefinitely after I type in the address


Outlook client version: 20231006004.16

Windows 11, build 22621.2428

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Hi @DylanLVI,

Unfortunately, but as far as I know there is currently no way to add shared mailbox contacts to the People tab in the new Outlook for Windows.

I cannot find any official Microsoft documentation about this issue, but I have tested it myself and there is no way to do this in the New Outlook.

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Leon Pavesic


Thank you for your answer.@LeonPavesic 


This is a big deal, considering this is one of their recommended methods to share an address book…

Do we even know if it is on the roadmap?