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My mum is trying to recover some emails from her outlook account.  She didn’t have enough storage space on her account so she didn’t receive emails between Monday 03/04/23 and Thursday 06/04/23.  Is there any way to recover these or not?

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@Gongare  currently having same issue. Have chatted with Microsoft support 3 times in 4 days about it, and additionally that sync isn't working in my phone for email either. Initially they said to give it 24 hours, didn't work, now I've been told its a known bug that the tech team is working to fix and they hope to have it fixed in 48 -72 hours. That was 36 hrs ago. They have assured me that the missing mail will not be lost. I think there is a huge overload to the sync server with everyone having to mass delete to be able to use their email, while I am able to receive email again, the suspended or restricted mail must have been redirected to an alternate storage on the server somewhere in the never never. Typical Microsoft really, enacting massive changes with little to no notice then not having adequate systems in place to manage the load. Here's hoping its fixed soon.

This makes sense, currently experiencing the same. I am missing emails for a full day and was made the believe that I was over my email storage when in fact it was on drive. It's very frustrating they're changes with no notice. Where were you able to chat with support because I seem to be on a never ending loop for articles when I ask for support