New Outlook Data Classification/DLP/missing features

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I am noticing a couple of new issues with New Outlook. All the above works with old Outlook.


-Auto Labelling not working(Based on Sensitive info type).

-Label requirement not working (i.e. Users can send without a label, in old OLK/OWA, they get a prompt to label the email)

-Label Inheritance not working (from attachment)

-Smime Signing/Viewing emails.

-If you set a dlp policy with an option to add certain label based on a detected sensitive info type on unlabelled emails, The policy tip is displayed but the label is not added.


All the above works with old Outlook and most work in OWA but all the above does not work in New Outlook. Any workarounds? are those functions not supported yet? Any help will be appreciated.

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