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I am inundated with junk mail, and I cannot get rid of them by selecting them and the selecting junk mail I have to do it one at the time and that takes all day any suggestions how to short this process, I try all the settings of the junk mail and none of them are effective.

Let me know please.


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@Konstadinos Siskidis  

You can block everyone except the list of trusted senders, but that's a big limitation, so analyze it.

Block senders or mark email as junk in or Outlook on the web. - Microsoft Support


This will block everyone except those in your Safe senders list. Remember to include everyone you want to hear from.

Open your Safe senders and domains and select Add.


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let me try.
the problem is that I already have over 500 email that I have to go through I wish was an easier way Thank you.