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I want to create an email that the respondent can edit (like drop downs, radio buttons, etc) then send out themselves afterward. 

How can I do this?

Thank you

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Hi @MPelley,

creating an interactive email with editable elements like drop-downs and radio buttons is not directly supported in traditional email clients like Outlook.

You can achieve a similar effect by using Microsoft Forms and linking to them in your email.

I recommend you to send your feature request directly to Microsoft from Outlook Desktop App by clicking on Help > Feedback


You can also post your feature request on Microsoft Feedback Portal:
Outlook · Community (

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Leon Pavesic

Can you expand on the use case a bit? Microsoft 365 does support "actionable messages", which allow for user input and dynamically displaying content. Whether this is suitable for your scenarios, I cannot tell, but check out the examples in the documentation:

I have a form I want people to be able to fill out. Some questions require unique answers (like name) while other lines might have a set amount of choices. Here is a small example of the form as it is currently:




Actionable messages should be able to address this, but given the complexity involved, I'd go with Leon's suggestion to use a Form instead.