is there any way to create interactive check box in outlook email body

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I like to find out if there's any way to create within the email body check box that is inactive or when the person click and send it's lock and cannot edit 


eg for Approval

☐ Approved by A

☐ Approved by B


is the outlook clever enough when 1st approver click it will lock and display the date and once it's replied by the box is lock and cannot edit.

it would be good, not the vote button. thx


Thank you

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Hi, such functions provide platforms for electronic signing of documents and they ensure full security and approval of the signature.
I do not know an e-mail program that would have such a function.

Thanks, I doubt there is now. But hope to see one soon. it would be very useful.


Unfortunately, but I certainly would not use this function, because already now attacks on the system are most often constructed in such a way as to accept often unauthorized access.
of course this is my private opinion
Best regards.

Have a look at Power Automate.
Thanks All for the reply. Noted :)

@bbsinI know this is a late reply - but make the editable check box in word then copy and paste the check box into the outlook email.

Word → Options → Developer turns on the check boxes.


Hope this helps somebody