How can we increase ms exchange online mailbox storage?

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Hi folks,


I wanted to ask what the easiest way to upgrade the storage size of our mailbox is. We have a Business Standard plan that comes with the Exchange Online (plan 1), which includes 50gb of mail storage.

As the subject says, how do we increase the storage size for our mailbox in the easiest way possible?

Any tips and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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The admin can upgrade the license in the admin portal. Exchange online plan 2 has a 100 GB mailbox. That is the largest mailbox available. If you need more, you need a plan that includes online archiving or will need to archive mail or move old mail to another mailbox.

@Diane Poremsky 

Thanks for the response.


We already have Business Standard which includes Exchange Online (Plan 1). Do we need to opt for another subscription of the Exchange Online (Plan 2)? Or is there a way for us to upgrade the already existing Business Standard subscription, but with Exchange Online (Plan 2)?

Oh... I thought you just had the plan 1. You need to upgrade to the E3 then - that is the lowest level office plan that includes Exchange Plan2.