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New here and need some guidance.  I have several email account through as well as an email account through  The GoDaddy email account is an MS/Exchange account which looks like it is useing Outlook/365.  This account can be accessed through a website who's URL starts with ""  However, I don't like accessing email and calendars through web browsers,  


I am currently running Outlook 2013 (unsupported) on my Windows/10 desktop computer which accesses the Comcast email accounts through POP3. 


I am using POP3 as these are shared accounts and all emails to each of these accounts must be seen by both myself and my wife on our seperate computers which POP3 does quite well but iMap and Exchange do not (e.g. If I see a message on my copy of Outlook using Exchange or iMap and delete it, then later when my wife logs on with her computer that message will not be in her inbox.   


The GoDaddy account is mine only and over the years Godaddy has gone down the MS/Exchange route as the ONLY way to access these emails.  When they did this.  Even though they said that my Outlook/2013 app could not be used, after installing an addon called "enable modern security" (I think) I got it to work with the GoDaddy MS/Exchange servers.  That was last winter.  A few months later, when starting Outlook/2013 I started getting an "Unable to run script" error when the GoDaddy Outlook logon screen comes on, but I was able to tell it "stop running scripts" and everything was fine.  However, yesterday (7/12/2023) in the afternoon, clicking the "stop running scripts" and clicking "keep running scripts" just popped up the same message again.


So, What I want is to have a single Outlook app, with copies running on 2-3 seperate computers that can access my Comcast emails using POP3 (unless there's another way to do iwhat I need) and also has my GoDaddy email/calendar using Exchange.  GoDaddy says that they still support Office 2016 is still supported but probably not for long so maybe that is not the best option.  So, what are my more current options?  


Just replace my Outlook/2013 with 2016 or 2021?


Go to Office 365 Perpetual license and/or subsription (will it do what I want)?


Something else?


Thanks in advance for any guidance or help you can provide.




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