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  All of a sudden I am unable to drag and drop items from Documents or Downloads to an email. I get a red circle w/ a diagonal slash. Any help appreciated.



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I have the same problem. Have you solved it yet?
Well, I wouldn't say I solved it but all of a sudden it started working. I was using the attachment function at the top of the email for a while. It worked but was a pita. One day a month or so ago I tried the drag & drop & was surprised it worked. No idea why it started working.

Hi @AWR314 & @GeoffS469 


I am an independent advisor investigating this issue.  


I have the latest Office365 suite with desktop and online versions. I was unable to recreate your issue. However, I found some articles suggesting solutions when you cannot drag and drop items in an Outlook email.



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I finally found a fix that worked in this article: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/drag-and-drop-stops-working-randomly/c4d14c18-...

I had to use Lester BernardReyes third option, which was to create a restore point and do an in-place upgrade wherein it will upgrade the device to the latest version and repair all issues without deleting any files. I never trust that this sort of drastic action will not screw up my machine, but in this case Bernard was right and it worked, at least so far. @AWR314, give this a try if your problem comes back. My drag'n'drop issue was in File Explorer but also occurred when trying to drag a URL from a browser to a file folder in File Explorer, which I do all the time to save recipes for future reference.



Glad you were able to find a fix.  I missed that article. :xd:


And, I am not sure if I would have offered that one to you if I was not able to TEST it myself. When it comes to deleting dat files or asking a user to create a restore, it makes me nervous.  :lol:


Again, I am glad you find a fix.  And it is available to others.


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