Can I still access my gmail mail account by POP3 from Outlook 2021?

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after Google closed down less secure apps (incl. Outlook2013), I upgraded to Outlook 2021 and believed all had been solved.

At the beginning of June from a day to another Outlook was not able for some reason to connect to my gmail accounts anymore through POP3.

I tried to redefine the account settings in Outlook from scratch and checked my logging data many times in Gmail, but it did not work anymore. In the end, I resigned and used IMAP. It forced me to attend several Inboxes account by account, simply stupid!
Now I copy all incoming and outgoing messages to my Inbox and Sent mail folders by using Outlook rules to have them in one place with non-gmail POP-based mail accounts, but it is really stupid. I've got all the gmail messages once in ost and then in pst files, and also there are other negative side-effects (duplication).
Does anyone know a better way? Can I still connect to gmail by POP from Outlook?
Where did I get lost?

Thanks and regards, Petr

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Hi @Petr_Kadlec 

I participated in a discussion in which a link to these steps solved a synchronization problem:

Sign in with App Passwords - Google Account Help

Thanks@A1 ,  it seems that app passwords are something, that even Google does not recommend to use...

Nevertheless, I might try it in case I don't find anything simpler...

Thank you Andrzej, that helps much more.
Nevertheless, how I provoke Outlook 2021 to ask for permission to access Gmail account - it simply does not connect to smpt or pop servers.
On iPhone Outlook there a window popped up saying that Microsoft apps & services ask for permission to access the Google account, but in Windows, nothing like this appeared.

Thank you a lot for your help, Petr
Sorry, what do you mean by "the Latest version"? I invested in buying Office 2021 just for this reason of troubles with gmail, but it does not work either...
Is Outlook 2021 a secure app for Google to let it connect to gmail accounts?


To explain this problem individually -. contact Microsoft Support.
Outlook 21 should be compatible with the latest security, so it's your configuration that may have an error

@A1, thanks a lot, it seems highly reasonable.