Does Quick Repair create a log of actions taken during the repair process?

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For quite some time now, Outlook 2021 crashes when replying to or composing an email that is highly formatted or promptly after pasting formatted text.


I hopefully fixed the problem by running [Add and remove programs] -> [Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 - en-us] -> [Modify] - [Quick Repair].


Does Quick Repair create a log of actions taken during the repair process and if so, where can I find the log?






Additional Information

  • At the time of the crash, Outlook 2021 does not save a Draft meaning if Outlook did not save a Draft prior to the crash, no Draft exists; i.e., all additions, changes, etc. are lost.
  • When Outlook 2021 crashes under circumstances such as these, it does not attempt to restart.
  • When Outlook 2021 is next run, no messages appear regarding the crash.


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A Quick Repair is not much more than cross referencing whether or not all installation files are still in the correct place and the correct version. There is no direct log for this would give you any indication about the original issue.


More relevant information is logged to the Event Viewer at the time of crashing. It is recommended to start looking there before doing a Quick Repair or any other kind of troubleshooting.


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