Can't collapse all groups in new Outlook?

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I just downloaded the new Outlook app to try and I don't see a way to collapse all groups nor could I find anything in the help menu.  Is this not possible with the new version?  I have a lot of email in my accounts so this is concerning and I'm hoping that I'm just missing something.  Since this will likely be a mandatory upgrade I would like to know.


Thanks in advance.

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@roblinb Try going to View Settings, then Group and at the bottom of the window is the Expand/collapse defaults droop down list.  One option is 'All collapsed'.  Hope that helps.

@Joette2 not in new outlook:  



I'm having the same issue with new outlook design.

Cannot find the way to expand / collapse groips.

Uts a critical feature for me.

@jbowers Sorry - just another reason to not switch. The 'new' version is definitely a step backwards in functionality.
Yeah, MS needs to add this feature to the ribbon. I'm going back to the older version.
Yeah, I am going back to the old one.

@MTJohnson   Same - scratching my head that they wouldn't include this feature...

@jbowers This is so very frustrating to think you are getting everything new and improved, but something as simple as expand/collapse for emails is not an option :o(.  Thank you @jbowers for posting your issue because otherwise I would still be looking for a way to get this fixed.

@roblinb sad but true--no option to Expand/Collapse all as well as no more email deletion right clicking the Group. More clicks and worse user experience. From Microsoft????? THEY should be the example!!!!

@roblinbI clicked on View, then the 3 dots ... on the right, then hovered over Expand/Collapse in the drop-down menu, and found Collapse All.

Please develop this feature. As written here, it's frustrating and categories make no sense like this.

WayneBatenchek's method works. I would also add the menu option to your quick access toolbar. 

@paulnewman Could you share a screenshot, where you found this option? I cannot find it.

Hi Wayne,
Thanks so much for the info, but I guess I need a Microsoft Outlook for Dummy's book, because I can't figure this out :o(. Would you be willing to possibly share a screenshot or a step by step? I am unsure of which "View" you clicked on the get the ... 3 dots. Thanks so much and I look forward to your response.