The new zip file sharing method is broken

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Lately when you share a zip file through Onedrive for Business it leads to a webpage that looks like the picture below. It allows to download individual files and it allows to download all files at once as a zip file. Before this new method was available you would get a direct download link to download a zip file. (Much preferred)
Ever since this change went live, I receive huge amounts of complaints from people that can't download the zip file, or some files inside it will be broken when they do so. There are several problems with this new method:

- People can't figure out how to download everything at once. The Download button at the very top left does not give a clear indication that this button allows to download everything at once. First, the button is too far from away from the rest of the content, so it doesn't feel related. (This is a problem in the whole UI, also in outlook, etc.) Second, the word 'download' doesn't indicate that you download a zip file. As a result, people contact me not knowing they are able to download a zip file.

- It doesn't work in several (old) browsers, including Internet Explorer. This is a huge problem since many companies use it.

- Assuming all the problems above could be avoided by explaining people to use firefox or chrome, and to look for the download button at the very top left, it still would be broken in the core. Because:

- When I include .ifc files (3D models) in the zip file, people can't download them, they become broken/corrupted. From what I've heard you get an Error text file. I assume there are other file types that give similar errors.


In conclusion I can only say this whole new zip sharing method is horrible for me. I wanted to introduce it to the rest of my colleagues so we could stop using, but the whole experience is just a nightmare. I ended op not using OneDrive sharing anymore. I reverted back to wetransfer. Please fix as soon as possible. 


I already know about the ?download=1 workaround to get a direct download link. But this is too complicated for my colleagues. So this is not an option.



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Does nobody experience the same....? Astonishing....

i can't believe nobody is experiencing the same....

Hi Richard,



There should be a simple way to create a link to a ZIP file that always downloads.


The online viewer has confused a few of my colleagues, and the use of the "Download" button is not obvious, I had some users downloaded individual files, and put them back in a zip!



Thanks for the support!

@Richard Lemmens I have a client who is trying to share a zip file with me from his ODFB site, and when he sends it to me as an external user, I have NO download links or options showing on the page at all.  Conversely, when I share a file from my own ODFB at the same client, to my personal account as an external user, I DO see the download links.  Why would one ODFB link look different from another when both are coming from the same client/tenant? This is maddening.

For me zip sharing worked well until some time in November. Then the way of downloading became un-intuitive (perhaps upon some update). Just to recently learn that now I cannot even view the .zip archive in browser making the sharing impossible...
A customers of ours is also experiencing this within SharePoint Online. You sometimes even have to refresh the page to see the content of the zip first. We created a work-around where we dont use ZIP files anymore but just use regular folders with the content and share the folder. Then the guest is able to download the complete content at once as a zip file by itself.