sorry onedrive can't add your folder right now

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Hi there,

my environment is:

  1. SharePoint 2019 On Premise
  2. The last version of OneDrive

My question is when a user access his/ her personal site and want to "Sync" document library from SharePoint to Local Disk, he/ she encounter a problem is "sorry OneDrive can't add your folder right now". I attempt to sort it out by following the documentation from MS ( Unfortunately, the same issue comes up once again. does anyone have any idea on it for solving the issue.


thank u so much for everyone.



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I have solved it out ... we cannot use the System Account to Sync documents from SharePoint On Premise Library
Hi Will,

I have the same issue with the same platform (SP On-premise 2019 + OneDrive latest version).
But I don't understand your solution.
what do you do to resolve it ?
All users have been the message "sorry onedrive can't add your folder right now" when they have tried to synchronize Mysites.


@adem20 I found my solution is we could not use the System Administrator user account to do it.