Share point - one drive auto setup

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Hi all,
sorry I guess this is a common question but i still cant find the answer.

I have setup share point directories, and assigned users permissions via azure AD.
I want one drive for business to automatically add the sharepoint directory to the list, but i cant find out how to do this.

I know i can visit the sharepoint page and click "add to onedrive", but i want to know if this can be automated


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hi all - i think ive figured it out :) i've just logged into 2 different PCs as a new user and the directories are now appearing in onedrive.
nope- I tried with a different user and its not worked.
so, if I manually add the folder to onedrive, then log into a new PC it works.
if I have a new PC and new user it doesnt add the sharepoint folder :(

@Rudy_Ooms_MVP Hi Rudy, thank you for the reply. 

yes I think "automount" is what i'm looking for.  I wasnt aware there was a Regkey to automount to a sharepoint directory, so hopefully this will work for me.


I will test this today and let you know.

Many thanks