Setting Alerts on OD4B files

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Are alerts supposed to work on OD4B?  The option to set alerts is not in the new UI, if you switch to Classic OD and turn the Ribbon on you can set them, but they don't seem reliable. Thanks - Greg

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Gregory Frick Its avaliable for modern UI list.  Find the below screenshot for your view. 


2016-08-16 08_07_16-Prakash Chandrasekaran - OneDrive_Test - All Documents.png



Hmmm ... that is not what I see.  I only see the New control when I do NOT have a file selected. When I select a file I see: Share, Get a link, Download, Delete, Move to, Copy to, Rename, Version history. Screen snip attached.

I attached the screenshot to my last post, but that means you have to download it and open it.   Let me see.. do I insert a photo? Do I just paste it in here.  Let me try pasting it.


Ok - I used 'Insert a Photo' to get the screen snip here.

I would love to know what is going on with Alerts in OD4B.  Greg

I'm seeing what you are seeing, no Alerts. 

My feeling is that they are pushing us to use Delve to find out what is changing in Office365 and not via e-mail Alerts.

Right now I can set them but I have to switch to classic and select show ribbon.  Even so, I am not sure they are reliable, and I haven't had a chance to get methodical about my approach to testing this.  I just modified a file as one account and checked the other account (the one which set the alert) to see if I got email. 



Mmm...very strange I think alerts were in the new UI, but they are not now

We are missing both the Post to Yammer and the Alert me.  Can someone please direct me on how to get those features turned on.



As we have discussed on the thread, this actions are not part of the new UI...I believe the Post to Yammer feature has been removed from SPO and we have to see what's happening with the alerts one

I have a BIG problem to share the info about to setting alerts with my collegues.

I can't tell them to create an Alert to receive a message when a person update a file they have to:

switch to Classic OD

- turn the Ribbon on

- click on data collection

- click on Alert settings


I believe that the way to go is really tortuous...

That's not possible that Microsoft can't place a simple icon on the new interface!!

To add to the confusion the Message Center (MC88752) published "Updated feature: Alert mails for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint " on 12/13/2016.  This message reports that the email format of alerts has been updated for SharePoint Online and OD4B, however setting an alert still involves too many clicks and you have to switch to classic for OD4B.  The link to more information on the message ( points to instructions with screen shots of the classic experience. 

Yes, I saw this message in the Admin Control Panel!!!

I can't explain to all people in the company to follow the "serpentine" road upper described to trigger an alarm to a specified folder!!!

A lot of confusion.

Microsoft solve this problem....

So I see there has been a lot of movement on this as the last post was over a year ago. Are we ever getting an Alert set up for OneDrive for Business? Explaining to customers that they have to turn old features on to get to a something that still works is a little much.




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