Search in OneDrive for B - refiners/filter are gone

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After the interface in O4B was changed a while ago the search result page was changed. When I choose "Return to classic OneDrive" in the lower left corner and do a general search - and choose "Search Everything" I got this nice search result page with filters/refiners in a seperat pane on the left. Filters like "Result type", "Author", "Modified date"


Can I access theese very pratical search filter in the new UI experience?




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This kind of search experience is going to totally have to start using the "smart" search concept that Microsoft is introducing in many places in Office 365 what includes OneDrive, Delve, modern SPO Sites, Office 365 Home page and more to come

But in my opinion this was a really smart way of searching, and very easy for the users to filter the results. I find Delve, for now, rather confusing with a lot of "other" stuff. But I see that this is in development. Thx for a quick response.


Is this official?  I can see the predictive search and graph data helping but even on the new SharePoint page we're seeing refiners show up (albeit very simple ones). 


I cannot believe there is nothing on the roadmap to expose the power of SharePoint search for category driven searching (Amazon) that builds on top of the Delve smart search.  Heavy enterprise use simply has too much varying sources of content in 1 pool for search to be smart enough with some added assistance.



Are you wanting to use the SharePoint enterprise search specific to OneDrive in which you have some default refiners or utilize enterprise search to view all SP content?