New Recycle Bin experience empty

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When our users open the online recycle bin of their OneDrive for business, they see an empty list. It seems as if the recylce bin is empty (and thus not working).


But apparantly the recycle bin opens in the new layout (which is disabled on our tenant). When switching to the classic view, all deleted files appear again.



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I'm not seeing this problem on one of my tenants and I'm using the new UI there

We are having this exact problem.  We are testing before giving our users OneDrive for Business and from the admin side we can't see the second-stage recycle bin items unless we change to the classic SharePoint view.


Can you tell me how to fix this (i.e., where I have to enable and what I have to enable)?

Hi Deborah, it's already a long time ago :)


Can you try changing/resetting the language settings of the user? I'm not 100% sure, but we had to do this to sort some things out.