Removing access to Office 365 group and sharepoint doesn't clean up local folders.

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We use onedrive for business and sharepoint to manage access to documents. We regularly add/remove users from groups as needed. If a user has synced a sharepoint library and then is later removed from the group then the onedrive client throws an error that it can no longer sync the group and the user has to go into the onedrive client and remove the location from syncing and then more importantly the local folder is not cleaned up and any previously synced files are not deleted unless the user manually goes and deletes the folder.


What is the correct way to manage this as we have no confidence that files files aren't being left accidently left on devices even though we are managing access correctly.



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There is no available feature for what you are trying to achieve If the file is synced with your local machine, the data will stay there until the user manually deletes it.

@Ricardo Vianadoes this not seem a bit strange that this feature is missing. I appreciate can't guarantee files are cleaned and users can copy files etc but adding removing users from groups is a common action and expecting it to tidy up resources seems reasonable?


I agree it would be a good thing to have. Check this UserVoice (not a lot of traction, but worths trying):

There is also this comment in the UserVoice that might help you find a workaround:

At the moment, I don't have the time to go through the script but if you are able to find a solution let me know :)

@Ricardo Viana 


for some reason that uservoice is locked. I have created my own and also voted on some similar issues. Scripting seems to be the workaround for now!


We have this issue as well - thanks for creating the idea on uservoice, I've just voted it up. Surprised it's not raised by more people.