Share Folder to Anyone with The Link

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When I try to share a folder with anyone with the link. Person who gets the link has to sign in... why is that? I need the folder to be seen by anyone with the link.

How do I do this. I'm using my company's OneDrive for Business.
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Have them try in a private browser session. There should be no trouble using an "anonymous" folder link anymore.

Thank you sir.

@Vasil Michev 


I am having a similar issue.

Just to confirm if I use the shae with anyone the person with the link does NOT need a onedrive login.


Appreciate the confirmation

Correct, as long as you don't set a password on the file.

@Chris Webb & @Vasil Michev 




What is using private browser trying to achieve/fix? 

Or what do you think may cause a login request for an anonymous link? 

If someone has a logged in Microsoft account that might have permission to the site / tenant somehow but not the document that was shared it can sometimes try to auth to show that you viewed the file etc. and throw a denied error. so going incognito basically prevents that cached account session.

It used to be way worse but it’s usually first troubleshooting step I use anytime anon links act up.

@Chris Webb 


Thanks, I will get the user to try incognito to see if it makes a difference.

Also other issues I’ve seen is users taking an anyone link. Pasting in browser to test. Then they turn around and copy the URL from the browser which is now a direct link not an anyone link and send it to users to use. This causes no access. The incognito test will point this out if it doesn’t work. Check the actual URL being used and make sure it’s the actual sharing link and not changed.

@Chris Webb 


Thanks Chris,


As the share is outside the organisation, I am using tiny URL due to the length of the URL try to avoid the copy and paste issue.

I assume this is not the issue, as I am seeing this appear with android user with no MS account.