OneDrive Sign-in Issue

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Good afternoon,


I'm having an issue with a new HP laptop that I'm trying to configure for one of our users.  We are using Office 365 and I verified the user is able to login to other applications (Outlook, Skype, etc.).  The problem that this user is having is with OneDrive.  When she tries to login to OneDrive it states that the machine must be domain joined.  I cannot get logged in with her account, but I can login to the same machine with my account.


I'm trying to sign her off all Office products from the Office365 console right now to see if that will allow her to login to the OneDrive account.  I did verify that the machine is a member of our domain.  We are trying to get logged into OneDrive so that we can move some local OneNote files that she has over to OneDrive so that she will be able to access them in OneNote for Windows.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been working on this issue for about a day now.




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Are you two having the same domain in you address?

@adam deltinger Yes, we are both on the same domain.  For some reason though my account is able to access OneNote and OneDrive just fine.  All that I'm trying to do is move her OneNote information over to the new OneNote for Windows application.  The new OneNote does not allow me to import the information like we used to be able to do so we have to fine a way to transfer the local OneNote files over to the new OneNote application. 


For me this process worked flawlessly, I was just able to click on the local OneNote files and they automatically loaded into OneNote, but in her case this is not working.