OneDrive folder share with anyone unexpectedly requires signin

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Hi Team

I have a family subscription of MS365. I wanted to create a file drop for someone else to drop photos into. In a web browser (Brave), I signed into my OneDrive and I created a folder, clicked on the Share icon, then under Copy link, ensured the option was set to Anyone with the link can edit (no expiry or password requirement was set), then clicked on Copy to generate the link. 

Upon testing this link, I can open the folder and view its content, but when I try to upload by drag/drop or with the upload button, it always redirects to the login page, so the end user needs to create their own MS account or signin into the MS account. Since the note for the option for Anyone says "Share with anyone, doesn't require sign-in", it is unexpected behaviour. 

I tested this issue on various devices, and with the end user as well and it's the same behaviour.

Is there a workaround for this issue? 

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