OneDrive search field, result won't open browser.

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I'm new to the community, so applogies if this has been posted before.  So, here is my situation.  When I do a search in Onedrive using the seach box on the top left, I get my results and then when I click on the file I want to edit, it downloads the file locally onto my PC.  When I'm done editting it, the changes are not saved on Onedrive but on the local file that it was downloaded to.  This is different from clicking on the file link on the right side and opening it in the browser and editting it.  Does anyone know why the seach result link don't open in the browser or is this a browser settings issue?

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Ey @Stephen Rice I have seen this too and to me it's not working well

I asked around and you are both absolutely correct. The right behavior is for the document to open in the Office web apps, not download the document. It looks like there is a bug somewhere so they are investigating & working on a fix. Thanks for reporting it!


Stephen Rice

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I should have reported before :-(...I believe the problem has been there for some weeks