OneDrive re-sharing

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I want to share a folder in OneDrive, but want to prevent further re-sharing.
How is this possible?
I already tried to use the function "Allow access requests", but it is not possible to open the "Classical OneDrive settings" in OneDrive.
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While sharing any files or folder you get an option of "Link Setting" which says who would you like this link to work for.
Like below:
1. Anyone with the link.
2. People in your Org.
3. People with existing access.
4. Specific People.
If you choose "Specific People" and and share with a person by entering his/her email address, that people will receive the link and can access however he won't be able to further share the file or folder link.

Please try and let me know if this works.


@Abhishek_kum1 are you sure, that this works? Did you try it already?


Yes I had tried this.
Request you to please try once and then confirm if that works for you.

Any updates on this. Were you able to try the approach.