OneDrive for Business NGSC limits for SharePoint Sync - when will these be raised?

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Guys n Gals, looking for some roadmap assistance here if possible. Been asking for this for a while now in relation to a client requirement. Pleased to see that the OneDrive for Business NGSC updates are now gonna provide the ability to sync with SharePoint Document Libraries. Great stuff. What I need to know however is when the limit is going to be raised on the 20,000 files that can be synched? I have a client with something in the region of 35,000 files which are currently stored using a competitors online storage and sync facility - total space is negligible - but the limit on number of files to sync is currently a deal breaker that prevents us migrating them to using SharePoint as the central file store and using OneDrive for Business to sync the files to the client machines. We need a solution in place *prior* to next Spring. We're hoping for confirmation that the arbitrary limit that's currently there will be gone with a [hopefully near!] future incarnation of the NGSC.

Any updates from those in the know?

Nothing we can see at present on the roadmap...

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The 20k limit was for the old client, NGSC should have no problem syncing more than that. Once it gets support for SPO libraries that is.

To add to Vasi comments, NGSC support for SPO Team Sites is expected by the end of the year

Interesting, as the response I previously had from MS Tech Support was that this would be a 2-stage thing - firstly, that support for the NGSC synching Sharepoint Team Folders would be implemented and thereafter that the limits may be raised.


Its just very frustrating being seemingly unable to get anything form on this back from MS... :\

First time I hear about this 2 stages idea...
Like thousands of others. This can't come soon enough.

So there is a preview of the Next Generation Sync Client, where you may sync not only ODFB and OneDrive (Personal). It extend the sync to all document libraries in Team Sites and Groups, and has no more the limits with 5000 and 20000.
But it's in a preview state. You have to install it manually (with your own risk), make changes to the registry and resync all synchronisations,, which are done with the old "Groove.exe".

The final version will come till end of year. My first experience blog post here