User home folder migration to OneDrive - OneNote issues

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We are currently in the planning and design process to migrate a large number of User Home Folders to OneDrive for Business.   One of the issues we have come accross is around OneNote Notebooks, as these appear to not work in a normal fashion when we want to migrate.


We have been unable to find any documentation which is not end user driven to migrate their OneNote Notebooks to OD4B, currently and some of the methods that have been discussed with users  having to copy documents between two different notebooks don't seem to be practical in a large organisation.


I have seen some posts regarding OneDrive to OneDrive migrations, but nothing from a file share.  


We were going to have the fast track team assist us with the migration, but decided that it was easier to manage in house, wondered if anyone has had any issues with this type of migration or any suggestions on a way forward?

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How are you going to do that migration: writing your own migration stuff or using a third party tool?

I know we ran into the same issue, and pretty sure our process ended up requiring the user to migrate them using the onenote application.  


Update - I verified that we gave the users intructions on how to use the "move" ability (under settings next to the notebook in the menu) in the OneDrive application to migrate their notebooks.  We ended up doing this by creating a tempory shortcut on their Desktop to their old homedrive with GPO



We are teaching users (education is huge) how to move content from their home drive to their re-directed desktop, documents, pictures, videos folders in OD4B. We can monitor usage of OD4B from O365 admin console and very good reports / then on the backside we can see the contents of their M: - when the user is done, we simply remove the home drive definition in their AD user account. The more difficult ones for us is going to be those that have data well over the size of their hard drive - this one is a little tricky as we will need to create and archive folder in OD4B, then uncheck that folder for syncing, then move very old archive info the user can't do without into that folder and teach them how to go to the web interface to get to those old files if they need to. I would really like to have the stub folder/file function that personal had so the user could be more comfortable seeing all of their files (but they don't actually live on their hard drive).