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Hi Everyone,

there is in OneDrive a litigation hold like we have in Exchange Online?

i'm not talking about preservation policy that don't allow delete content , i'm talking about every content that delete in any time period is Backuup and can Restore (this is for sencario that user leave the company and delete all his content from OD4B and his Recyble Bin)


Any Ideas?



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Have a look at Records Management within SharePoint Online as that can extend to OneDrive for Business.
As I'm confused as you're saying you don't want a preservation policy, but do want content to be preserved?
Thank you for your answer
As far as I know in preservation policy content can not delete at all by the useres

In my sencrio i wnat to give users option to delete thier content but in any time i can recover any content that was deleted (just like exchange)

You've got the Recycle Bin built into everyone's OneDrive for Business.
To do what you're after you'd need a 3rd party solution like AvePoint.
However I'd suggest there's a user education piece here. With things like Office 365 Groups the requirement for users storing work content in their individual OneDrive for Business is becoming less and less, so the content in there should almost be like a "home drive" and ultimately be the responsibility of the individual to ensure they don't delete things they need.
Also with a 5TB storage amount per user upon activation, deleting content is hardly needed. :)


this requirement come from other reason – the customer afraid that before the user leave the company he will delete all his OneDrive Content and delete it permanently from the Recycle bin
this is the scenario that they want to ovoid    



Time to read up on Recycle Bins - there are two stages to them, and users only have control over sending items to the first stage. From there, your global admins can gain access to, and restore content for about 90 days. There is another thread that describes the steps in more detail:




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Yes you can place a hold on the site
@Eli - User is actually a site collection admin on their own OneDrive, so they do have access to their second level recycle bin. It's just that most users don't know that. A malicious user could delete from the second level recycle bin. Admin would then have to use the OneDrive restore functions to recover.
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Yes you can place a hold on the site

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