Onedrive for business Enterprise Deployment Concerns

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1) We have about 650 sites in our tenant including subsites. For each department and user it's not practical for us to select specific document library and sync it. If we can enable sync at site level that will be great. Also if there is a way to automate sync process using powershell for all document libraries related to department or division and deploy it using GPO or SCCM for a user it would be great. Any options for these?

2) We are planning to allocate only 1GB for each user Onedrive for business on Local PC and turn on Files on demand to host everything in sharepoint cloud. It doesn't seem to work as expected. For few test users we have noticed they need to click Free up Space every morning to keep data in cloud only. Does anyone know why this will happen. 

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I'm assuming if your limiting 1GB to OneDrive your using on-prem OneDrive which doesn't support On-Demand so your probably running into the sync client switching that off because the OneDrive piece is seeing it's not OneDrive for Business Online.

Nope i meant local storage of 1 GB for Onedrive for business on User's PC. If users choose to keep few documents as keep them on device and store them locally we'll be allocating them 1GB . Nope i can see OneDrive-Companyname as hover text on my file explorer so i can confirm i'm not using previous sync client.

User on windows 10 1709 build? Probably cause I think the option doesn’t show anyway but figured I’d ask. You have all the cloud icons etc. in the synced documents? If so almost sounds like the OneDrive policy somewhere keeps turning Off. Would investigate closer there since they are turning in and it turns off later seems likely policy runs and sets it back.

Yes we have cloud icons, Okay i shall check policy,  What about site level sync and automate syncing multiple document libraries from different site collections for an AD user. Can this be automated

Not that I’ve seen. The only automation that just came out was setting up the folder redirection and setting up OneDrive accounts. No way to tell policy to load and sync individual libraries. Might see if it’s possible to local client powershell a Sharepoint location. Then you could script it possibly, I’ll search around when I get back to a computer.

Hi SPO Admin. Would it not work better to use mapped network drives? This would keep local storage requirements to a minimum and you can map to site hierarchies rather than just individual document libraries.



Nope SharePoint Mapped drives have lot of issues. Microsoft doesn't ensure a consistent Sharepoint-to-Drive Mapper connection. Each time user has to re authenticate via browser for connection to remain consistent. Their favorites doesn't work too and they have to refavorite links all the time and the customer experience is not that great. We want through all that hassle so wanted to try out OneDrive client.

Hi SPO Admin. Have you had a look at Zee Drive? Zee Drive maps network drives to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online but also ensures that users are always signed in as it doesn't use the browser for authentication. You can connect a drive to sites, site hierarchies and individual document libraries.


Zee Drive also provides advanced functions directly from the File Explorer menu for file search, sharing and version management.


Disclosure: I work for the company that develops Zee Drive.



How would the pricing be for 600 to 700 users in multiple geo locations. Data they sync to Onedrive can vary between 100GB to 1TB for each user.

Hi SPO Admin. Pricing for Zee Drive can be found on the purchase form on our website here in the right hand column. I have also sent you a private message with further details.


Thank you!