Comparisons to Dropbox when sharing externally

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So today we had a meeting with some stakeholders in our organization who had chosen to go with Dropbox over OneDrive for Business.


Their concerns/pain points with OneDrive for Business were:

1. When sharing with external users, those users cannot sync files offline

2. When sharing with external users, those users must use Office Online and cannot use full Office

3. When sharing with external users, those users have no easy way or place to see all the files or folders shared with them - they have to save all the e-mails sent to them with different links

4. Files "Shared with me" cannot be rearranged or restructured by the recipient - not online and not offline

5. You don't get a notification in the desktop app, if someone shares something with you

6. You don't get a notification in the desktop app, if a file you had shared with someone was changed by them

7. Syncing folders "shared with me" offline (for internal users) is unnecessarily cumbersome

8. There is no way to transfer ownership of a folder to someone else



If I share something with someone external who has OneDrive Personal (or Business), the following should happen:

1. They should receive an email, telling them about it

2. They should receive a notification in their desktop app, telling them about it

3. They should be immediately able to sync those files to their computer

4. They should be able to choose where to place those files within their OneDrive folder

5. They should be able to open those files on their computer in the desktop Office applications

6. If they go online, they should see that folder/files under "Shared" as well as in that location they chose themselves


If that person does NOT have an existing OneDrive personal (or business) account, they should be able to go to, type in their mail-address, enter in a code that was sent to their mail-address and then see everything that was shared with them on that mail-address.


Hope this makes sense?

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