OneDrive for Business default Sync options (Next Gen client) and Network Throttling controls

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Hi All,

I would like to ask if it is possible to change the default behavior of the OneDrive for Business next gen Sync client?  I have a customer who is currently engaging with fast track to get around 90 TB of data from users 'H:' drives migrated into OneDrive for Business.

Currently there is a concern in my customers business (and ours) around the potential load that this situation could place on the customers WAN links.  As the default option for the next gen sync client is to select all folders back down tot he PC.

We are currently putting a user education package together to training on how to select only the folders that they wish to have locally.

If possible I would like to be able to (by default) have the "sync all folder' option unticked.  And maybe only select files in one known common folder.

If that is not a possibility I would like to know what tools (if any) are available to throttle the OneDrive for Business traffic on the customers LAN/WAN so as not to cause it to become flooded.

Thanks in advance

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And AFAIK, there is no way to automatically configure NGSC with the All files option no ticked

It would also be great if they could integrate it with BranchCache to allo deduplication transfers with P2P as well. Or at least provide the ISV's with an API to let them build this?



Do they need to sync all that data back down to thier workstataion? I would suggest training them to work directlt from the cloud if possible.

For a laptop / tablet, yes, but agreed, for a desktop PC, I would be recommending blocking Sync.

Hi Vasil,

Many thanks for the link.

It gives us a starting point, to put some 'control' around the bandwidth usage.



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