Excel Online; Log out other users to allow admin/owner to edit in Desktop Excel.

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I have an Excel file shared with about 20 other users. To protect some of the cells, I have protected the worksheets with a password. However whenever I want to make changes in the protected cells, I would need to edit the workbook in the desktop Excel. To be able to do this, I would need to have all other users log out since I can't do this as other users are editing or simply logged on to this file. This is time consuming and inefficient.

My questions:

1. Is it possible to unlock workbooks edit then lock again with a password?

2. If the answer to 1 above is "No" then is it possible to allow the owner of the workbook to log out all other users to allow editing in desktop excel?

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What's your idea for 1)? And for 2) I'm pretty sure it's not possible

The "correct" solution would be to allow editing in Desktop-Excel for many users (similar to OneNote).


The other "correct" solution would be to ask the user for the password for locked cells once in the online version and thus unlock everything for that user.


Both are features that are missing for quite a long time.